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Tower 111

CLIENT: Eemar Group


Tower 111 was a commissioned proposal for a 111 floor, ultra high-end tower located in the heart of the Downtown Dubai district. The development would house a mix of condominiums and full service apartments with a 7-star hotel at the pinnacle and luxury retail at the base.

The fluid  boundary line at the intersection of sea and desert, perpetually shifting in shape and location with the ebb and flow of the tides and the sweep of the sands is the primary inspiration for the form and spirit of Tower 111. 

The sculptural form of the tower is tempered by water, inspired by droplets of dew forming along the tip of a plant leaf. A series of stunning pools wind and cascade their way down the volume of the building culminating in a grand per formative water feature at the promenade level. 

The podium volume that houses the separate but equally grand entry sequences for the hotel and residential lobbies, unravels elegantly from the main volume of the tower in elegant wavelike ribbons. 

This elegant and consistent design language will be a unique hallmark of the design and will serve to provide a strong and recognizable visual identity to the building both from a distance or from up close.
The horizontal banding of the subtly scalloped shadowboxes sweeps up along the curvaceous height of the building, drawing ones vision swooping upward and adding a subtle texture to the building.

Along with the Burj Khalifa, the tower will serve as a visual anchor for the Downtown Dubai Development. At nighttime in particular, the buildings illuminated crown will be a beacon within the cities evening skyline.