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PROJECT YEAR: 2013-Ongoing
TEAM: Ahmed ElHusseiny/AE Superlab.


An Evolving Parametric Digital Metropolis


 INFINICITIES is an ongoing project exploring the automated generation of an infinite number of virtual cities using an unlimited base of parametric inputs. 

INFINICITIES has grown from a large scale art/illustration project to a platform for the creation of procedurally generated, parametrically derived cityscapes. Currently it is in its second phase of software development and is being optimized to rapidly generate medium to high fidelity iterations of real and imagined cityscapes based on mutable external factors such as zoning regulations, environmental effects, and real estate values. Each of these city iterations can then be further tested and developed as per required. 

INFINICITIES has been used to create intricate city models that have been used in applications ranging from the creative - the design of large scale artworks and murals- to the academic - the simulation of the effects of changing zoning parameters on the resiliency of real world coastal urban areas. 

Works produced using the initial art project have won numerous awards and have been exhibited at a number of high profile galleries and venues including The Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York.