AE Superlab.
We are a collaborative design office, operating at the intersection of art, design, engineering, and technology.




Over the course of six weeks, we will explore the different processes that architects use to imagine, develop, describe, and build our cities and built environments. The theme of our workshop is: LIVE.WORK.PLAY.
We will begin by imagining our ideal future home, with different functions and activities for our LIVE, WORK, and PLAY spaces. We might choose to work individually to create our own perfect spaces, or we may work with our neighbors to create larger shared designs. We will use a number of tools and techniques to generate our ideas including: Sketching, Diagramming, Orthographic and axonometric drawing, 3d modeling, 3d printing, and Virtual Reality (VR).
We will also use each session to learn a little bit about the history of architecture, get to know a few interesting architects, talk about the study and profession of architecture, and discuss what we think the future of architecture might look like.